Utah is an Exceptional Place to Live, Work, and Enjoy Life 

It is our great fortune to live in such a beautiful place with such convenient access to our canyons, streams, lakes and trails. Our cost of living is modest and we have an abundance of outstanding cultural and recreational opportunities. We have access to excellent health and medical treatment centers. 

It doesn’t take long to realize Utah is a great place to live. As we grow, we need to assure that we preserve, protect and even enhance that quality of life. 

There are currently, and will be in the future, important policy discussions that wrestle with cleaning our air, preserving our natural resources, managing those resources, and providing for Utah’s future. Creating solutions for our future will be an important effort where we must engage.


When I visit with people from other states about Utah, I tell them about the family oriented culture in this state that makes it THE PLACE to live, work, learn, and play. We must continue to support our families and our children.


The natural beauty of Utah coupled with a diverse range of recreational opportunities is a hallmark of our state. It enhances our quality of life and is a beacon for visitors to our state. Responsible development of our land will serve us now and for generations to come.


We all know our air quality along the Wasatch is unacceptable. It is a problem that affects quality of life, economic development, our health, our children’s health– more areas of our lives than we can name. We are limited to some degree in what we can do about it. Our climate and topography are the largest factors. That said, the state must continue to take innovative action to cut down on toxic emissions of all types. We can do so while balancing those actions against our need for jobs and a vibrant economy and our individual rights. 


We must also be vigilant in planning for our water supply. This is the ultimate limiting factor for our growth as a state and our future depends on good planning now. Today we benefit from the reservoirs and the irrigation systems developed by the pioneers. We must follow their example.