Utah is Growing: Strong Economic Development Should be a Primary Focus.

When we encourage good policy in our State Legislature, we foster important principles that build and strengthen our economic vitality. I support free enterprise and limited government which allow a talented workforce, bright and innovative entrepreneurs, and small and large businesses to contribute to a growing economy. I support strategic partnerships with our business community to solve challenges and leverage our opportunities.

I care about increasing jobs and growing the economy of the Davis, Morgan and Weber region. I want our children to graduate and find high wage jobs or start their own businesses. I want to promote a business-friendly environment that allows us to recruit and grow companies and jobs. Utah does a better job than most of rejecting high taxes and overregulation and promoting business development. I’ll continue to seek the best policies that create the environment where business can thrive.

We need to protect Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) as a major employer in our region and a defender of our national security. The aerospace and defense cluster employs over 40,000 people in our state, most of whom are in northern Utah. We must look for opportunities to support Hill Air Force Base and the aerospace companies in competing for missions and workload.

We hear a lot these days about “income inequality.” I have spent my career combating “income inequality” by working hard to build an educated, qualified workforce through education and training. Our workforce is one reason Utah is ahead of many states. I want to continue our efforts to match our graduates with high demand jobs in the state that will drive growth in our companies.