My Core Values on Important Issues

As Utah increases in population, the issues facing us continue to grow in importance. I am committed making sure that we make the right decisions. Below, you'll find a number of issues listed on my website. If there is an issues you don't see, please reach out. Your voice matters to me.

Economic Development:

When we encourage good policy in our State Legislature, we foster important principles that build and strengthen our economic vitality. I support free enterprise and limited government which allow a talented workforce, bright and innovative entrepreneurs, and small and large businesses to contribute to a growing economy. I support strategic partnerships with our business community to solve challenges and leverage our opportunities.



We can’t draw a sharp line between education and economic development, and we can’t have one without the other. I am convinced there are only two ways for Utah to compete in today’s global economy: we can either be cheaper, or smarter. We must choose smarter. That is why education has to be job one.


Government Spending

I’ve heard from so many people who say, “Government has enough money. They need to learn how to make it stretch before they come back for more.” I can certainly understand that point of view. I will make driving efficiency in state government one of my top priorities. Where there is waste or duplication, we need to cut it out.



My academic and professional background is in the field of health care management. Health care is complex, and because of recent government actions, allows the states only limited control.



We all know that Utah has been rocked recently with allegations of wrongdoing by high government officials. Utah expects and deserves much better. When people elect leaders they must be able to trust them to act in good faith, “without passion or prejudice” in the interest of their constituents.


Public Lands

We face huge issues with our public lands and access to them. I share the opinion of many others that the Federal control of Utah lands is excessive and heavy-handed. At the same time I value our wild lands and remote areas and want to respect and preserve our most sensitive areas.


Quality of Life

There are currently, and will be in the future, important policy discussions that wrestle with cleaning our air, preserving our natural resources, managing those resources, and providing for Utah’s future. Creating solutions for our future will be an important effort where we must engage.


Role of Government

As has been said elsewhere, government makes a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. Government has an important role in such areas as education, yet left on its own, government tends to become too large and intrusive. 

Some have called taxation, regulation, and litigation ‘The Axis of Unemployment.’ The best thing the public sector can do is efficiently and effectively serve and promote the private sector, then know when to get out of the way.


Veterans & The Military

I am committed to help veterans get the education and training that they need and then support them in getting high quality jobs. Returning warriors are another one of our greatest assets in building a qualified workforce in our area. It is important they have access to education training and career services in transitioning from the military to the private sector.


2nd Amendment

I’ve been asked if I am a member of the NRA, which I don’t happen to be. But I was raised around guns, I own guns and know how to handle and shoot them. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, which I believe is in the Bill of Rights for good reason. I will continue to support the right to bear arms in the State of Utah.