Following in the Footsteps of a Great Leader — E. LaMar Buckner

At my kickoff campaign, I met Brent Buckner. The next night I met him again at the South Representative Dee’s South Weber Town Hall meeting. Brent is a great example of an engaged citizen! I knew his father E. LaMar Buckner well until his death last year. He was a former Regent, and alumni president of Weber State University.

E. LaMar Buckner was a statesman, business and community leader. He was involved everywhere making a difference for our community and our state and he was a State Senator representing District 18. His legacy set the example for all of us. It would be a great honor for me to follow in his footsteps.

Like LaMar and so many others, I believe that I have learned many things over the years about Utah issues—jobs and economic growth, education, health care, quality of life— that I can now apply to development of good policy and budgets that will help us advance our community and our state. I know the political process from two decades of working with legislators on behalf of the university and the community. I am good listener who will consider your perspectives in making decisions as your Senator.

I will commit my time and energy to representing and serving you in Senate District 18. I will bring all the vigor and commitment of others before me but with eyes toward the future of what we can accomplish together on the issues of our time.

Ann Millner has shown her dedication and leadership to this community over the years at Weber State University. Her ability to work across party lines and collaborate with people of all different backgrounds and opinions has been demonstrated.  Sending her to the Utah State Senate will provide a strong voice, experience and know-who to represent this district well. She listens but also has the respect of others to listen to her. That is the type of representation we need in today’s world.  — Brent L. Buckner