I’m a Republican

I’m at Republican at heart. So why did I recently publicly declare my partisan leanings?

As a former University president, my duty was to Weber State University. In that setting, there is no place for partisan politics in representing the best interests of the university. I felt neutrality was the best place to advocate for Weber’s achievements, goals, needs and aspirations to a wider audience. I needed to bring people together to advance the mission of the university. To do that, I needed to be able to work with everyone, regardless of their political leanings.

In my heart and in my actions, I am and always have been a fiscal conservative. At the University, we made the most of our resources while balancing our budget. We were even able to keep our tuition the lowest of any public university in the state providing greater opportunities to students to attend. We made difficult cuts during the Recession and learned to do more with less.

I am a faith-based person and Republican values are consistent with my faith, family, and citizenship. I welcome the opportunity to publicly share my Republican convictions and viewpoint as I seek to represent you in the Senate.